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Just in for 2022
I bought your CDL program on Dec 30 and studied my ass off! This was the best thing I ever done for taking the CdL test . I took the test the next day the 31st and past all three so easy and fast I could not believe it . I would like to thank you for putting this CDL test out there for us truckers ! All regards , Happy New Year and BlessEd New Year!!!
Ray R.
Just in for 2022
This App. Is fantastic !! I passed each test for my permit ,no problem !! Thank you
Ray R.
Just in for 2022
I passed my CDL written and driving skills tests with flying colors. I will pass along, to our new trainees next school season, the contact info on your CDL Training App. It was very helpful for me. Thanks
Larry P
Just in for 2022
I am going to take my CDL TEST ON third, and I find this test very helpful.
Testimonial: 2021
I just wanted to thank you for this App. It helped me pass my general knowledge test by 10 points and my passenger test by 5 points. All in all what a great experience this App has been. I was not going to read that horrible 95 page CDL Handbook if I did not have to. Only the DOT manual is more boring than the CDL book.
Thanks Again!
Wayne D.
Testimonial: 2021
Hello, I purchased your cdl test exactly 1 year ago and I passed the test and got my cdl class B. I am now a school bus driver! Now I want to be a truck driver and I want to study for my class A. Thank you very much.
David S.
Testimonial: 2021
Hi. Just wanted to let you know I passed all 4 CDL learners tests. I can now start CDL driver training. I only missed 1 question and I shouldn't have missed that. I needed to slow down. :-)
Eric O.
Testimonial: 2020
You guys are awesome and I will recommend you to my co-worker that had failed when they took the written test :o)
Chloe L.
Testimonial: Received 2018
Thank you for helping out (btw, i really like the app, it helps out alot when it comes to studying the different endorsements of the cdl).
Mickey P.
Testimonial:September 2017
I purchased your app, it is awesome, but now I cant find it on my phone.
Jeff I
Testimonial: September 2017
Outstanding! Passed my CDL-A exams for General Knowledge, Air Brakes and Combinations. I plan to add a few more endorsements before I attend school. This was a great tool.
Thanks for your help and support.
Daryl W
Testimonial: August 2017
Hi it worked for me I just passed the cdl.
Matthew P.
Testimonial: August 2017
I purchased access to your website last year so I could study for my CDL test. I passed the test and went on to get my CDL license.
Thank you.
Suzanne F
Testimonial: August 2017
hank you for your excellent App package. Over the course of three days I used your tests in conjunction with the Washington State DOL Commercial Driver Guide to study for General Knowledge, Air Brakes, Passenger and School Bus tests. After reading the applicable sections in the DOL manual, I took each sample test a number of times and for each incorrect answer looked up the correct answer in the DOL manual. On the day of the test, I took all four exams and passed each with no problem. I would highly recommend this product for anyone wishing to properly prepare for DOL exams.
Richard L.
Testimonial: August 1, 2017
Here's my invoice number. I really need to get back into the site so I can take my cdl driver's test! Thank You! It helped me pass my permit! woohoo
Ryan F.
Testimonial: June 20, 2016
All the other ones were exactly right on ur test! I am very happy I passed using your system. Thank you!!
Anthony V.
Testimonial: May 13, 2016
Just wanted to thank you. I passed my class A cdl permit exam.
Thank you.

Matthew P.
Testimonial: May 4, 2016
Purchased last year. A must have for all truck drivers.
Thank you.

Testimonial: April 29, 2016
Hello, first let me say thank you for this amazing App. My computer that I saved it on has crashed and need the school bus and hazardous material tests. Could you please resend me the link?

Codray M.
Testimonial: April 19, 2016
Yes my name is Wayland I order your program , it has help me a great deal
Thank you so much!

Wayland P. (Texas)
Testimonial: April 11, 2016
I have loved and used this to pass 2 test with flying colors.
Cody C.
Testimonial: April 5, 2016

We are still dealing with this matter...but still a Testimonial to our CDL App!

I am a recent graduate of Commercial Driver Training in Hurley, NY. It might interest you to know that the school is using unauthorized photocopies of your 315 question general knowledge test. Furthermore, no one even attempts to redact the portion that states that the test is not to be used by schools or businesses.

Thank you for the knowledge, though. It has proven very helpful to my classmates and I.

We gave this customer our 2016 update!
WOW! Thank you very much. Really didn't expect this. Was just going to bite the bullet, purchase it again(would never consider any other App), and just chalk it up to experience. Again, MUCH appreciated.
Testimonial: 3-19-2016
Thank you it worked
Javier M.
Testimonial: 3-18-2016
I order your system and study all your hazmat question I passed with flying color. your testing system is like having the question and answer right in front of you...Many Thanks for support and help you really made it easy when you consider I only had the system for about a week and a half...
Testimonial: 3-12-2016
SUPER! Just passed the permit test. 93 out of 95. Will be studying the hazmat, and tankers to get the endorsements.
Manual V.
Testimonial: 3-03-2016
I have taken three tests now with the help of your App. I scored 96% on all three. I did have to study and repeat the sample quiz until I got It. Your App is excellent and I appreciate when a answer is given that the quote from the manual backs it up. One of the tests was Hazmat. I will continue to use your product.
Testimonial: 2-28-2016
My name is Randy Wheeler, and I purchased your App last Wednesday. It is awesome! I used it and took my test Friday and passed the general knowledge and air brakes, but didn't study the trailer section. Now I can't find the email link and open the App back up to study for the trailor section test in the morning. Can you please resend the link? Thanks for all your help!!

Follow up E-mail Received 3-1-2016

Thanks, however I was able to find it among a mountain of emails, and have already passed the test! Thanks again.
Testimonial: 2-16-2016
Thank you, thank you, thank you!!! Because of your training I have Passed with flying colors.
Testimonial: 12-06-2015
Thank you it's a very good App I learned a lot
Willie B.
Testimonial: 11-24-2015
You have a very good program. I downloaded it yesterday and it is very thorough and should be helpful to a great many people. As you see in the block below, I am a medical examiner for things CDL. I will be taking the Class A CDL written next week, and plan to take the road test the first of the year. No, I am not going for a career change, it is just something that I want to do before I die. I am 63 years old and I don't have any terminal illnesses, but I drove a lot of trucks, and heavy equipment back in the late 60's and early 70's and my family had three semi-trucks when I was 12 years old. I was able to make 5 or 6 trips with a day cab, single axle diesel truck pulling a 40 foot flat bed when I was just 17 years old. Longest trip was 150 miles, but what a great time I had.

The purpose in telling you this is that I understand the love of trucking. I practice in a small town and a lot of folks ask me questions about what they need to do to start to become a truck driver. Now I can say that the first thing they need to do is to buy your CDL testing App and get a jump on things with learning basic skills and getting the written out of the way. Thank you for a well prepared course outline and at a very fair price. More than worth the money and so far I have enjoyed taking the written tests. I haven't really had time to go through the videos, but will do that later.
Donald B.
"DOT Physicals, Drug and Alcohol Testing"
Testimonial: 11-19-2015
I Just Passed all three permit test the first time with A score of 100% on all three I now have my permit.
Brent L Watkins
Testimonial: 10-09-2015
Unedited testimonial sent to our email.

Thank u guys for this app I studied my combination for 2 days and the same questions that were on hear were on the test I passed with flying colors and I did it fast the people at the Dmv were like wow you flu right by it and passed thanks again can't wait to study for my hazmat endorsement I will kill it

Testimonial: 9-30-2015
Hi, I wanted to said THANK YOU! The test is a big help. I'm still in the process of passing my Combination Test. I passed the General Knowledge and Air Brakes.
Thank you ;)
Lucy "California"
Testimonial: 9-29-2015
Yesterday I failed the air brakes twice after studying online with these other websites. After that I came home aggravated and frustrated trying to look for other solutions. When I came across your website I regained hope and after reading it my confidence. After studying all last night I woke up this morning with knowing I was going to ace this test. I took the test at 11:40am, finished at 11:45am, with a perfect score. Your system is legit. Questions & answers are spot on, Word for Word. And that's all I have to say.
Thank you.
Brian G.
Testimonial: 6-29-2015
Thank you VERY much! I accessed the program, and went and took my tests today and passed them ALL! Were pretty much verbatim from your prep materials. Thank you! I would not have passed it without your material, because there were questions, the answers of which, were NOT in the Driver Manual.
Grace and peace,
Testimonial: 6-11-2015
I used every book and online testing everywere and did not pass. I ordered my cdl prep from you guys and just passed general knowlege, air brakes, and combination and got my Class A Permit have to say this is the best App out there!
Testimonial: 6-04-2015
I passed my air brakes test!
Testimonial: 5-31-2015
The good News, I passed my General Knowledge and Passenger with flying colors… Now back in and do the Air Brakes.
Testimonial: 5-25-2015
Awesome! Thank you passed all test.Will spread the word to others.
Mike R.
Testimonial: 4-21-2015
Not only did the link work, I just passed both HAZMAT and DOUBLES TRIPLES test at DMV, New York.
Thank you!!,
I am now going over and studying the pre test requirements at the trucking school that I have been attending these past few months. I just wanted to let you know that information that I bought ( CDL Practical Test ) was very helpful to me getting ready for the CDL test at the DMV. I passed all 3 required tests to get my CDL Instructional Permit. I got a 98, 91, and 84 for the General, Air Brakes, and the Combination. Again THANKS,
Roger W.
Dear Whomever,
I first foremost want to thank you for the practice test I purchased in 2011 I passed both CDL endorsement but also my tankers. With the test samples made the test so much easier. Reason im writing you is the computer I downloaded it on has been acting up and had trade it in!! I am going to go attempt my Hazmat Endoresment. Do I have to buy the complete kit again? Or do you offer just certain sections? If you could kindly let me know thank you very much?
Happy Buyer,
Adam B.
I first foremost want to thank you for the practice test I purchased. I passed both CDL endorsement but also my tankers. With the test samples made the test so much easier.
Thank You ! This is the real deal and due to my families financial embarrassment I was very apprehensive about the purchase. I felt that if I was able to call your help # and have a representative of your company reach deep down within themselves to recommend the App then it must be good. I did call and I did put someone on the spot. I do apologize for that but at the same time I am a hard sell. This program works great, after only a few hours for a couple days of studies with it... I aced my test!
Thank you for your help with cdl test I study for 5 hours last night and passed the test today thanks a million!
To everyone at test CDL App, you guys are amazing. I purchased the App after failing my class b CDL tests. I studied your material for a few days, and I now have my permit. I am extremely pleased with the results of using your program. I would recommend to anyone pursuing a CDL, to definitely get this App. I also spoke with a team member this morning, on some questions I had about the second part of the program, the pre-trip etc... I think his name was Kurt or Bert, not sure, anyway really really helpful, so very nice. He answered every question thoroughly and with such pleasure. Again awesome, awesome,awesome. So very glad I purchased the App. Worth it all the way.
Ga Girl
Sent from my iPad
Ga Girl: Actually, the support person you spoke with, his name is Kirk. We now call him Bert thanks to your testimonial! He is not to happy about (From Support Member: Vanessa)
hello i just whana say thank you i have pass i got my class a cdl permitt i wouldnt gotten if i gotten the programs thanks again all i gata do is go to school and get my class a permit
Thanks again
Hector Chavez
DISCLAIMER: These are truly unedited emails. Pardon the misspellings. Another satisfied customer none the least!!!
I PASSED!!!! I am a terrible test taker, I studied the material you provided and blew through the test. Many questions matched exactly . Because I knew so many answers for sure , I didn't get that panic feeling that usually plagues me during tests. Thanks! if I can do it anyone that puts in a little time can.
Dawn Koz
FYI, I passed the General K, Passenger, Brake and Bus tests for my CDL learner's permit for NY. You App was spot on for the Passenger, Brake and Bus tests. The General Knowledge test wasn't as easy but your questions basically covered 99 % of the test and therefore could easily be resolved. Just a suggestion which you are probably aware. People should study the General K first., then the next 2 or 3. Much Thanks.
Bill K.
Testimonial: 11-05-2014
I just wanted to say that the CDL Deluxe was a good investment for me. It helped me pass the general knowledge, air brakes, combination and the doubles/triples part of the test. It helped by answering the test question because it is just like taking the actual test.
Jennifer D.
Testimonial: 7-16-2014
It went good. I passed my test on the first try. It was a big help.
Justin C.
Testimonial: 10-03-2014
Just passed my learners.....without your program I don't think I could have passed. I also just referred a friend to your program.
David H.
Testimonial: 5-21-2014
I passed my test and got my Cdl Ty for your help it was worth the money!
Ron F.
Testimonial: 5-10-2014
Guys, Great program! As promised I passed my permit test without incident. Thank you for that.
Bob S.
Testimonial: 4-10-2014
Good Morning...Not sure how to go about getting a message back to your management and "marketing" arm but I did want to let you know how pleased I am...Hope someone will pass this email along.... Recently I began the process of attempting to get a CDL Class B and besides using the manual provided by the State of Arizona, I went online and used the practice tests that were provided at no charge. After aceing these practice tests, I went to MVD and failed both the general knowledge and air brake tests on my first attempt. I had never seen many of the questions on the exams when I did the practice tests and I was really upset at myself...So back after studying the manual in more detail, I was still uncomfortable and decided that I would spend the $39.95 to purchase your tests because it stated that these tests would have questions that potentially would be on the current CDL exams and you guaranteed your product if I failed. Well I am pleased to report that I went to MVD yesterday and passed both the general knowledge and the air brake tests with flying colors. I am convinced that I wouldn't have passed on my second try without the new tests. With only a few exceptions, I had seen all the questions on CDL exams that I saw in my practice tests. However, I do want to point out that your tests are not easy and it takes allot of time and practice to get to the level that you demand for being prepared but it was worth the effort and expense. Thank you soooo much for your product.. Lastly, I had difficulty downloading the App and was beginning to get upset. However a phone call back to me and this follow up attached email worked out perfectly and my Thanks to the Support area.. You have my permission to use any or all of this email in complimenting people within your organization or as a testament for future customers to see. Let me know if you need any clarification...
Charlie B
Testimonial: 4-9-2014
Thanks for the return call. All is going well. I look forward to my son providing you with another testimonial!
Steven V
Testimonial: 4-5-2014
I needed to pass the CDL test in order to keep my job. I studied the Michigan manual through and through. I even found some free sample questions online. I came across your website and decided to try without downloading your material. I felt I was honestly ready. I was completely wrong. I failed miserably twice in the same day. I was frustrated and decided right then and there to download your materials to see if it would help me. I read each and every question just once and did all the true and false questions once as well. I went back to take the test once more and I was more determined than ever. I am glad to say that I passed the test with your help. Each question that was on the test was in your practice test. I was sooo thrilled with the results I had to write you and say a BIG THANK YOU. Now what I would like to say to other test takers is do not delay downloading the material. Do it now. I wasted a whole week studying the manual and it was not enough. I spent one night with the material from this site and passed right away. This was awesome. Sincerely,
Testimonial: 1-30-2014
Just want to say thank you your sour App helped me pass the General Knowledge and Air Brakes I had my doubts at first but your App was able to help me pass the The test I still have to do Combination test and Haz Mat But know I will do good but using your App!!!!! Thank YOU
Testimonial: 1-28-2014
Hello, just wanted to let you know I passed the first part of the Pennsylvania exam. Must pass pre trip and driving part next. Thank you for your study material....
Nadine C
Testimonial: 11-07-2014:
I have to say I was skeptical about purchasing the CDL Test App but I am more than impressed with my results. I took the practice exams provided once and reviewed all my answers like a study guide and passed my exams with a 95%, 98%, and 100%. I would recommend any interested in obtaining a CDL to purchase this product. It is well worth the investment. Thank you so much.
Jonathan Spears
Testimonial: 6-10-2013
THANK YOU SOOO MUCH!! I just passed all my CDL EXAMS on my first try! I don't know if you remember me , but I called and asked for any help you could give me. I took some free practice cdl tests on the internet and went and failed miserably. After you explained how those sites have not updated in MANY years and to not trust them I went ahead and purchased. I am so very glad i did!! Just as you said EVERY answer was on the CDL Test that was in your App!
Steven V.- Detroit
Testimonial: 5-10-2013
Guys, Great program! As promised I passed my permit test without incident. Thank you for that.
Bob S. -New York
Testimonial: 12-14-2012
Hello, Just wanted to let you know that your CDL Practice Test App is AWESOME!!!! This App was a great tool to see what I needed to continue to study and measure my progress. When I took the Illinois State tests the questions were exactly like yours, even worded the same which really made it easy to pass them. I would highly recommend this App to anyone trying to prepare to take their state CDL written tests. Thanks so much,
Carole L
Testimonial: 10-26-2012
Dear Kurt & Vanessa Just had to make this official and forward this testimonial ...Please feel free to modify to fit your web page ... So here is my short story ... After Seven ... that's right... 7 attempts taking the General Knowledge test ... Being frustrated and feeling a bit discouraged not sure how to solve this ...So, The women at the DMV asked if I had checked out any of the free General knowledge testing on line ... And I did only, to find them inadequate and a waste of time ... But then I discovered your company... So after asking a ton of questions I purchased the material and wouldn't you know after studying for just a couple of hours I took the Test again ... And breezed through in just 20 minutes and I Passed ... Many Thanks for answering all my questions and being patient with me ... What a relief ...
Michael P.-New York
Testimonial: 7-28-2012
I just wanted to thank you very much, for you and your company’s CDL Practice Test App. Although I have been an 18-year OTR driver, it embarrassed me to discover and realize, through studying and taking the practice tests in your courses, that I wasn’t nearly as “up to par” as I had thought I was. I was even less-than-acceptable on the Common Knowledge matters of trucking. With the help of your App, I aced every real DMV test just last week, got my Passenger, Tanker and Hazmat endorsements, and my CDL A license was transferred from MO to MN without any snags whatsoever. I am now driving for one of the best paying companies of my entire career! It would not have possible, without your company’s instructional App. I will HIGHLY recommend it, whenever I encounter someone who is seriously considering about driving a commercial truck. Very Thankful to You!
Michael J. B-Grand Rapids, MN
Testimonial: 7-06-2012
Oh Dear ! Which foot do I kiss first? Today I went and took the General Knowledge ........scored a 95 on it ! Only missed 1 question and that was my mistake because I read to fast! I could not have done it without your practice tests! Thank you Thank you! Monday air brakes and doubles ! Then off to the pre trip and driving! Thank you from my heart!
Testimonial: 6-07-2012
Hello, I purchased your product for the Massachusetts cdl exam this past week and within just two days of using your program I passed both the General Knowledge and Air-brake tests! So thank you for a great product! 100% recommended! Again I thank you.
Luke H.
Testimonial: 5-21-2012
So far, this is a SUPERIOR product compared to (Website Name Deleted). I was scoring 90+ on all the (Website Name Deleted). Went to take a test and was like, deer in headlights! NOTHING looked at all familiar! At least with this, I can already tell I won’t be surprised! Thank you!
James D
Testimonial: 3-15-2012
Just wanted to let you know that I had been studying the CDL manual for the past 2 weeks and I didn't learn as much as I have in the last 2 days from your down load. I took my test today the general Knowledge with all endorsements and only missed on 2 endorsements that I didn't even study for but took them anyway. I passed my general knowledge, air brakes, combination, tanker, hazmat, and passenger. All of them were passed in an 1:15 min. It amazed the the lady at the license office. Thank you very much for your program..
Geary Curtis- Future truck operator
Testimonial: 2-29-2012
I bought your program last week and passed this week. Before your program, I had absolutely no knowledge of any of the subjects. I passed with flying colors. I can not thank you enough!! The test was very similar to your test. I had looked at other practice tests online and they weren't even close to yours. There was just one question on the test that wasn't familiar to me. Thanks!!!!
Testimonial: 2-04-2012
I am very pleased to provide this testimonial to Test-CDL. I purchased your download on Monday and took four tests on Friday. I aced two tests and missed only four answers on the other two. Extraordinary! I was in competition with many others for one of two training positions, and because I was able to beat them to the punch, I’ve assured myself a spot on the team. In addition, because I have the download, I can continue to use it to study for my Hazmat and Combination. Thanks for giving me the edge.
Chuck A.
Testimonial: 2-02-2012
Just passed my cdl exams; General knowledge, Airbrakes, Combination, Tanker and Double/Triples. I cant believe it I only got your product 2 days ago. I haven,t had any other training or study time then your product. I kind of feel guilty about how little I had to pay you guys lol Thank you very much.
James M- Las Vegas N.V.
Testimonial: 1-29-2012
Hi just want to say thank you, my wife and I purchased your cdl online course, it arrived 5 days before we took our cdl class B test, we studied and practiced and I'm pleased to say we 'Both' passed, we could not have done this with out your course, you may quote me on this and I will be pleased to recommend your course to anyone, again thank you.
Len J
Testimonial: 1-26-2012
I just want to thank you for your program. Today I went to the DMV and passed all three written tests with scores higher than 90 % on all of them. Now I feel like I can get through the rest of the requirements and be on my way to a career in trucking. Thank You!
James C
Testimonial: 1-17-2012
Hi Kevin. I just want to thank you for the App, I downloaded on 01/11/12 and I already have my learners permit in my hands, for a class A. Once again Thank you very much.
Testimonial: 10-28-2011
Testimonial: 10-15-2011
Testimonial: 8-03-2011
Testimonial: 06-23-2011
Just wanted to let you know that after using your wonderful App to study, I breezed through my CDL tests and passed with flying colors. Your App is more up-to-date than even the Colorado CDL drivers handbook. Several correct answers to questions on the tests were in your App..... but incorrect (or out of date information) was still in the Colorado driver's handbook. I answered according to what I studied in your App and was pleased to discover that I got those questions correct. Thanks Again,
Jeff Bakker-Erie, Colorado
Testimonial: 06-05-2011
Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!! I was able to pass the Class B, General Knowledge, Air Brake, Passenger Test and School Bus test all thanks to your App!I failed the tests the first time around, then I got smart and ordered your App. Aced the tests the second time around! Now it's on to the pre-trip!Thanks again.
Testimonial: 05-18-2011
This information allowed me access to the material I needed for the FL Class B CDL. Monday of this week I took the tests and in less than a half hour checked in to the DMV prepared the documentation, took a picture, tested and had my temp permit to drive in hand and was out the door. Thank you for the great materials. They made the experience easy and very quick. I will now be using the Pre-Trip Inspection test prep and videos to make sure I finish the licensing process as quickly and successfully as your product helped me start. Best regards,
Gordon Sibbald
Testimonial: 12-03-2010
Thank you so much. The App was fantastic. I passed the General Knowledge, Air Brakes, School Bus, Passenger and Combination Tests the first time I took them. Sincerely,
James S
Testimonial: 06-06-2010
I purchased your App on June 6th 2010, 4 DAYS later, June 10th 2010, I went to DMV just to see if I could pass just the General Knowledge test, and I did. I was very skeptical when I purchased your App, because I really thought I was wasting my money. But I was WRONG. I passed the test with only 3 wrong and one of them that I got wrong was because I got so over confidence in myself that I started rushing though the test and hit the wrong button. THANK YOU so much for this App, I couldn't have done it without you. I am going back next week to take the Air Break, Passenger, and School Bus Test, and I hope I do just as good. Wish me luck. PLEASE use my testimonial on your website. Thank you
Mrs Danette Cooper- Smithfield Virginia
Testimonial: 2010
Dear Sir or Ma'am, GOD BLESS YOU!!! I was one of those that was skeptical that a study website could help me pass my CDL test. WAS I SURE WRONG!!! Your information site is SUPERB!! Every word you claim in your advertisement is true to the letter. I took my CDL today and passed the general knowledge, air brake, passenger AND school bus all on the first try! I cannot thank you enough for the help and the wonderful study information. I went in confident and prepared. I spoke to a guy that was taking the CDL testing too. He told me he had a CDL for over 15 years before he let it lapse. Before taking the tests, he told me he failed the air brake portion of the testing. If I had your website information with me, I would have given it to him, but at the same time I was proud of myself for making that order for my CDL information. It is invaluable. You have my FULL permission to use all or part of my testimonial for your website. I cannot tell people enough how great this teaching package is. I have also included questions that I remembered from the test that I could not 100% recall if it was in my study package. I do not expect any compensation for these questions, for the study material was worth its weight in gold. I just want to do my part in helping my fellow man or woman down the line in passing on the first try like I did. Have a great day and if there is anything I can be of assistance for your company as far as advertisement, feel free to let me know. Thank you again!!
Brian L. Gammage
Testimonial: 2010
Just want to say thank you for the help with the dmv test I bought for a study guide and it turns out that i passed 100% on all general knowledge, doubles, triples, air brakes and tank combination all in one shot and only after 2 days of studying. THANK YOU YOU SAVED MY CAREER
M.D. Kempf
Testimonial: 2010
Dear Sirs or Madam, Just a note to inform you that on January 19th, I purchased your Deluxe CDL App package! It was pretty accurate, in fact after studying both of the South Dakota basic knowledge test exams, plus the Air Brakes and Tanker Endorsement exams my confidence level went through the roof! I hate tests! After just a few days, I went into the DMV and in about 50 minutes I passed all three tests on my very first try! I am going in tomorrow morning to sit for my Hazmat Endorsement and expect to ace that one also. I would highly recommend this program to anyone who is serious about PASSING those exams! You may certainly use this letter if you think it will give others the confidence they might need to know that this program does do exactly what you claim!
Bruce- Sioux Falls, SD

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