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CDL Test Frequently Asked Questions

Which type of class of license does the CDL Test App cover?

Our CDL App covers the test and answers for EVERY commercial license available: Class A, Class B, Class C, and ALL endorsements. This includes: Semi-Trailer Truck, Garbage Truck, School Bus, Passenger Bus, Tanker, Flatbed, Hazardous Materials... You have EVERYTHING you will EVER need to drive any and all commercial vehicles!

I have taken several "free" cdl tests on the internet. What makes this CDL App any different?

Well, you get what you pay for. We get SEVERAL calls a week from those that have FAILED the CDL exam after relying on the the "free" tests. (These websites have not changed for MANY years and do not have even close to the number of questions possible on the test....we have checked.) Those sites make their money hoping you click on one of the ads placed on the free test page, or they want you to join their $8000.00 trucking school. Many sites are not even based in the USA! Be careful when thinking this is the same as our app! Our CDL App is consistently updated and we GUARANTEE you will pass if you are passing our test

How do I know that the questions and answers are the same ones on the CDL Test?

Our company has a team dedicated to ensure our App has the same questions and answers that are on the exam. Should you find a question we do not have on the actual test, contact us and we will compensate you for this information.

So what really makes your company the #1 rated CDL Test company on the internet?

Well....let's start with the facts. We offer a 100% no fail money back guarantee! We update all of our test questions and answers on a continuous basis. We have the most accurate testing method that uses the latest mobile app technology, proving you with the most realistic simulation of an actual CDL TEST....ANYWHERE. You get ALL of the CDL Tests and Endorsements answers not just one exam. We offer all 50 States CDL Tests ...not some "generic" database.

How can you guarantee that I will pass these tests?

Our team has spent hundreds of hours to get this right. We have access to the same database as most states do. Our tests are designed to simulate each states actual CDL computer tests. Also, we include your feedback in our test updates by offering $10.00 to you for each question you remember that was not on our test. Combine this with amazing customer support and you have the best chance in the world to pass your very first time!

Is your company new to developing CDL Test apps and software?

We have been on the internet offering CDL Test software for 7 years. We have been in the commercial vehicle business going on 30 years. Having operated or owned everything from over the road, to passenger vehicles. We have literally dealt with EVERY aspect of the transportation industry. The owner developed the software when he went to renew his CDL License and found that much of the information in the cdl manual was NOT on the actual test. Now, several years later, we are launching the software into CDL Test Apps compatible with all mobile devices!


We know you need to pass this test....and we are giving you every thing possible to do so! So here is why we feel cdl test videos are important. If you have never worked with an air brakes equipped vehicle, it is virtually impossible to grasp how they work in the real world. Yes, we have the pool of questions that they can give you to get you through the written portion of the test. We feel that combining our tests with videos will give you the best method available....ANYWHERE. Our videos are played right on your mobile device screen. As an example, the air brakes portion of the app has the following videos: air brakes part-1, air brakes part-2, how air brakes work, cams-slack-and drum brakes, how to perform an air brake leak-down test. In our app we also provide 6 videos of how to perform the pre-trip inspection. To clarify, each and Every one of the tests has 4-6 videos showing real world application.

What if I find a question on the actual CDL Test that is not in your App?

First off, we TRULY BELEIVE we have EVERY question and answer they can possibly give you. Since State and Federal Regulations may change, we do not always get the changes as soon as they are enacted. If you find a question and answer we do not have on our test just contact us using the support email. Please write down the question and answer as soon as you get out of the testing station to insure accuracy. If you are taking a "Paper" test rather than a "Computer Based" test (you can often request a "paper" test), many times the examiner will give you back a copy of the actual test you just took if you ask politely. We are always interested in a copies of these so please contact us in regards to this.

How do I get my money back if I don't pass?

First off a positive attitude goes a LONG WAAAY when taking your CDL Test and Endorsements. With that said, if you happen to fail the test...we just ask that you send us a copy of your failed slip and we will PROMPTLY refund your money... EVERY DIME!!!

Will the CDL License App work on my tablet and phone?

Your APP will work on ANY mobile device. This includes: I-Phones, I-pads, Kindle Fire, Android Tablets and Phones, Windows 8 Phones, Chrome Everything!

Why do you have so many CDL Questions and Answers compared to the actual CDL tests?

Most people are under the impression that there are only one set of CDL test questions at the DMV office when you go to take your actual CDL exams. Unfortunately, it does not work like that. For example, the actual Class A CDL General Knowledge Test has 75 questions. The way it works is they will pull 75 questions out of a pool of several hundred questions in the computer bank. We have no idea which set of questions you will be we include EVERY possible question or topic available. That puts our General Knowledge Test at over 320 Questions and Answers! This is how we can guarantee that as long as you are passing our cdl tests, you WILL pass the actual CDL Tests!

How do I know that the questions and answers are the same as the ones on the CDL Test?

Our company has a team dedicated to ensure our App has the same questions and answers that are on on each and every CDL Test. Should you find a question we do not have on the actual test, contact us and we will compensate you for this information.

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